Unlocking the hidden value in music.

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Stemit is building a brand-new audio asset – song stems – from music that already exists, unlocking a valuable and previously untapped revenue stream for the recording industry, and a new resource for artists.


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What are stems?

Stems are song components such as vocal tracks, drum beats, and guitar riffs mixed and mastered for standalone use


Stems unlock new levels of creativity

Song Creation & Remixes

Leverage stems to create entirely new songs and develop more compelling remixes from the ground up

DJ Performances

Take performances to the next level by legally incorporating captivating tracks and iconic sounds.

Content Creators

Incorporate stems into TV, films, games, apps, and advertisements.

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is building the leading stem Marketplace


DJs & Creative Producers:

Reach new levels of creativity with access to tracks you never imagined possible

Music Content Owners

Build entirely new revenue streams from your existing music libraries

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has the only scalable approach to profitably bring stems to market


Content Access

We partner with major and independent record labels to access extensive music libraries to ensure the most popular content can be converted into marketable stems



Stem Creation

Our proprietary cloud-based stem creation platform outputs high-quality mastered song components, bringing stems with high demand to market while minimizing upfront costs



Stem Marketplace

Our extensive stem libraries are sold by our distribution partners who enable DJs and creative professionals to buy stems as part of their existing content workflows


The Team

  Josh Kaplan   Founder & CEO

Josh Kaplan

Founder & CEO

  Dick Wingate   Label & Content Acquisition

Dick Wingate

Label & Content Acquisition

  Bill Esses   Director, Audio Production

Bill Esses

Director, Audio Production

  Patrick Abernethy   Project Management

Patrick Abernethy

Project Management

  Dmytro Sotnyk   CTO and VP Engineering

Dmytro Sotnyk

CTO and VP Engineering

  Ty Roberts   Advisor, Technology

Ty Roberts

Advisor, Technology

  Samuel Kornstein   Advisor, Strategy & Finance

Samuel Kornstein

Advisor, Strategy & Finance